The Grand Opening

It’s finally there!

After many weeks of hard work and late nights working on this in addition to my busy school schedule, the time has finally come for me to open up the new to the world.

In this website my goal was to create something that would do justice to my portfolio items, where I would be able to create a page to fit the item I’m showcasing as well as having all the space I need to provide with any documentation on the concepts.

The website was to be easily updatable with new material, and easy to expand if I would of new functions to add. Therefor I have chosen to work with a wordpress CMS for which I have decided to completely overhaul the Freeze theme, kindly provided to me by ThemeDutch, to fit a design of my own and the functionality I envisioned.

Take a look around

Please feel free to take a look around my website, check out my work and read what I have to say. If long detailed stories aren’t your cup of tea, you can always choose to just eat the biscuit and read only the brief introduction or watch the pictures and videos.

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