Who is that guy?

I believe this may call for a proper introduction: My name is Kevin Sanders, I was born in 1991 in the city of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, from where I haven’t drifted off too far over the years. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, who I consider very important. I spend a great part of my day listening to music. Other interests of mine include technology, gaming and other forms of computing. I like creating stuff but am also very curious to see how others have created their stuff.

Basic Information

Name: Kevin Sanders

Age: Variable

Nationality: Dutch & French


After University Preparatory Education I went to Fontys University of Applied Siences in Eindhoven, where I am currently in my last year of my study ICT & Media design and am doing my second minor in Game Design.

Professional interests

Working on projects over the past years I have come to really enjoy working with 3D, making assets for games, animations or just some random projects. Also in 2D I enjoy working on assets for larger projects or animations

Additionally to creating graphical assets I enjoy scripting smaller parts to actually make my assets come to life and convert them into an actual working thing.

I like the challenge of finding smart and creative solutions to things with set guidelines or requirements, instead of having no clear goal in a projects and just “doing whatever you want”.

Working style

As the portfolio articles on my website might suggest, I find it important to make well considered, well documented and thought-through decisions. I value a good, humorous atmosphere as well as a hard working team in which everybody keeps one another posted on the progress they are making and in which everyone actively pursues a good end result.