Theme-Dutch : 3D Logo Animation


Since I had expressed my interests in 3D work, within my internship at Theme-Dutch we came up with the idea of making a 3D animated representation of the Theme-Dutch logo. Working with Autodesk’s 3ds Max and Adobe’s After Effects software I have created the animated 3D logo.

Project Information

Project Type: Internship

Date: January 15th 2012

Team: Individually

Starting the project

I started the project with an Adobe Illustrator vector of the Theme-Dutch logo. I kicked off by setting up the illustrator logo properly, so I would be able to import every piece separately but correctly. After that, I moved on shaping the logo on the z axis, creating the 3d representation.


From the 2d version already, the logo has a very dynamic feel to it, making it quite easy to come up with an animation. The animation wasn’t to be too long or extreme, just a nice sleek animation.

Material and Lighting

After animating the logo, I started creating the material. I chose to make a reflective metal like material to bring out the movement in the animation a bit more. The lighting was the most interesting part, tweaking a lot with different light-boxes on different sides and different shades on the material. After a lot of small alterations and tweaks, we were happy with the end result.


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