Showare: Art. Impression + Concept


I was approached by DeVention V.O.F. to collaborate on a project regarding a contest: Creating a concept for a more sustainable shower. My contribution was collaboration in creating the concept for the product as well as creating an artist impression (in this case a 3D animation) of the product.

Project Information

Project Type: Freelance/Personal

Partner: DeVention V.O.F.

Date: September 8th 2013

Team: Individually / (Concept team of 2)

Product Concept

DeVention already had a concept in mind revolving around awareness of those taking a shower and the amount of water, energy and with that also money they waste when taking longer showers, hotter showers, or showers with more water (by opening up the tap more).
We then took that idea and started thinking of an easy-to use, very accessible and simple product that would raise that awareness and that would actively provide the user with information on how they are doing. The result: Showare


A simple product one can just bolt on as an extension to their current shower tap that will allow the user to set a certain limit for themselves in the amount of water and energy they would use during their shower. A “progress-bar” would then show how much of their limit they have used. Directly visualizing the effects of turning down the water flow rate or the temperature of the water. Also giving direct feedback on how much the user has used towards their set limit or goal.

Artist impression

The artist impression animation was to show the product’s easy mounting procedure, the way it could fit on any existing shower, the way the product would look and the way a user would see it in their shower.


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